Answers that I seek.

Answers that I seek

When it comes to love I have
always wondered 
Do you follow with your heart?
Do you listen to your head? 
Do you go with your gut? 
Do you do what all three have said? 
Do you know when it is love? 
Do you know what is lust? 
Do you feel like finding the
answers make your brain turn
 to rust? 
I for one have searched both
high and low to find the
answers that I seek yet have
always come
back home empty handed
feeling tired and very weak 
It is like I am a mighty hunter
out on safari and I am 
trying to track love down,
trampling through the wet
muddy jungle in the rain
without even making a sound 
I keep finding traces everywhere
I go but love was never to
be found. So I sit and I wonder
to myself what I may be
doing wrong for I have tried
everything that I have seen
at the movies and have listened
to every single love song,
I have even learned how to
dance at midnight out in
the cool summer's rain and
I have even walked out on
the beaches in the morningfrom California up to Maine, I have
laid out on a blanket at night to
look up at all the stars in the
beautiful night skies, wondering
if my true love was
watching too just wondering
where you are tonight 
I have been searching this
whole wide world both 
near and very far walking many
miles and driving in my car. I
know that most people would
have given up on love, a
very long time ago, but my
soul knows that she is out 
there and it will never give
 up on hope, in my head I must agree
that there must be someone
out there waiting just for me,
as my gut I know it
can feel it too, while my heart
just does not want to be
broken again after it has finally
healed and me? Well, 
I am not holding my breath
so I guess I will just wait and
see because all I really want
is to fall in love with 
someone who will also love me. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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