Star crossed tragic lovers

Star crossed tragic lovers

If you look real hard up at all 
the beautiful 
shimmering stars out in the midnight skies 
far away from the city, the smoke and 
haze, away from all the man made lights 
some where out in the country side
where the only thing you will see is the 
beautiful Poetry in all of Gods
among all the beauty of the scenery 
where you will see about a billion
stars times ten or more out in
the Milky Way 
galaxy and other celestial entities and 
even the pearly gates of heaven and 
maybe even Saint Peter himself 
if you are very lucky, a place 
where our 
souls are from but even further beyond 
that is where all of time had first begun 
it is right there where you 
will find 
all of the star crossed tragic lovers like 
Romeo and Juliette still in love together 
in a death do you part kind of love but you 
will not if it is not a real true love just like 
theirs is just as they both only wanted 
in life like all of us are looking for, but can
only dream of  the kind of love 
that knows no end or any kind of
boundaries as in love like that 
of Mark Anthony
and Cleopatra or even like the West Side Story 
the love that will always 
transcend life 
and death to be forever ever lasting just 
like the tale of Tristan and Isolde who 
was pledge to marry the King but loved 
his nephew instead both died horrible 
deaths still in love with one another so if 
that is the kind of love you are looking 
for then you need to look up at the
stars up in the midnight skies
high above 
and maybe you just might be the lucky one 
and see a big bright shooting star falling 
across another galaxy far far away then
wish real hard and hopefully it will be 
one those star crossed lovers and they will 
hear your pleas then take pity and grant 
you the love we seek so you and me can 
find and be together like all of those lovers 
forever throughout all eternity at least that 
is the wish I just made on that shooting 
star what happens next? Well as in any 
and every once upon a time fairy tale 
happily ever after, we will just
need to wait 
and see when the next chapter is released. 

The end or is it? 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 
A Poet's Journey


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