My ink begins to flow (Redux)


When it comes to love anybody and everybody seems to have an opinion, you will never get two that will be exactly the same, the reason being is love is as different as you and I, it has so many levels, meanings, and reasons, what is the start of love for one is sometimes the end for another it could be actually the beginning of something else and while the lies are always hidden in the truth when it comes from the heart which will lie to you on occasion our soul though hold all of the keys to the many yesterday's, today  and all the tomorrows at least where love matters, so listen to what your heart may say, hear what your gut and mind are saying but feel what your soul may be doing listen closely as it whispers secrets to anyone who will hear them.


My ink begins to flow (Redux) 

As I am sitting here right next to you
listening to every word you say,
while staring at your beauty that has
me dreaming about you a million
miles away I can feel as all of
my ink
begins to fill my wells as it starts
to flow through my veins being pumped
from a deep down loving heart that
remembers when you had once
danced with my soul as it begins
to awaken sensing the presence
of another soul it once held ever so
tightly in its arms searching
what seems
like forever for the mate it used to
know, that had been lost in a world of
deep emotional scars as the memories
play in my mind like a broken movie reel
repeating the same scenes constantly
coming from a single night of passionate
love, back when two very damaged
people along with their
souls who were somehow
left alone
feeling very lonely needing each other
and the touch of another reaching
out through the pain of a broken heart
that was filled with sadness and sorrow
feeling vulnerable holding on to each other
as if there was no tomorrow while tears
begin to flow pulling one another
close as they gently swayed back and
forth to the beautiful music that was
coming from the beating of their two
hearts and the rhythm from the rhyme
of their own bodies as they made love,
looking deeply into each
other eyes
while they danced here and there without
a care in their own little world fighting back
the fear of what may come tomorrow
try hard to erase all of the yesterdays
while thinking of only the here and now
underneath the clear night
skies with
the moon so full it looked like
the sun
shining its glow down below upon
them as all the shooting stars
were falling
down around them looking quite a bit
like fireflies, making wishes
that were
kept between only them smiling as
they became true feeling as
if they
were the last two people left on earth,
laughing out loud tripping as they slipped
catching the other as they fell
to the
ground but not before they somehow
came together crashing onto the lips
of the other causing friction then smoke
to begin as sparks began to fly, creating
a flame that turned into a raging fire
that is still burning out of control
today, which has been cursed
by the devil,
sang by the angels, and even blessed
by heaven Himself, and when it was
finally over the two were many years
older close to our ages which
really is
not that old by the way and today
although they are not actually together for
reasons that were not their own, they
still and will always have a very special
connection that they will only
starting from that one epic night
that will last until all the ends of time
come together for one last time for 
that is where you will find them at least
their souls making love once again.

The end or is it?

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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