My people

My People

If you truly believe that you know
me then just take a good look
around me as you shall always
forever see, all of my friends, in
every single color, gender, and
even nationality, from white to
black and every shade that comes
in between yet every single one a
citizen of earth Including you and
me. You see I am completely
color blind when it comes
down to humanity, I do not care if
you are Christian, Catholic, Muslim,
Buddhist, Jewish or any other
type of man-made religion for it
is all the same to me and that is
God's honest truth and what
I truly do believe, peace on earth
and goodwill towards all men
and women no matter what you look
like on the outside because we are
all the same on the inside with beating
hearts pounding out the pulse of
life every second of every minute
of every hour of every day as we
bleed the same color wherever
you are and in every walk of life
red can you not see? Instead of
fighting over the color of our skins
extend your hand out and become
friends, let go of your fears of
things that you may not understand,
instead, learn everything you
can about all your fellow man
and then we can erase all
the hate and let the love win.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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