That was a long time ago

That was a long time ago

Once upon a time I lived happily 
ever after but that was a long
time ago, way back when I still 
believed in fairy tales and wishing 
on falling stars, no Santa Claus 
or even love, or magic of any
kind, no family nor friends or
even the end since it feels like 
that day will never come, matter 
of fact I do not believe in anything 
at all, as my life goes on day
after day as it gets darker with every one, i feel so lonely 
no matter who might be around 
I even try to smile but I forgot
what laughter was all about
nothing at all matters to me I
cannot even care all the things 
I liked to do i do not want to do 
anymore and the people i cared 
for the most in my life well they 
do not care for me at all, I
look in the mirror and what do I see a stranger standing
their so I close my eyes to the
darkness where the nightmares 
all begin showing me visions
of a life that I have no idea,
with smiling babies, and fun times I wish that I was there,
so i start to cry but no teardrops 
will fall unlike the rain that has 
been for as long as i can recall, 
so i lay in my bed where I
spend most of my day, staring 
out at an empty wall except a
few broken frames with photographs 
that are torn or missing, I wonder 
for a moment what day it was
but who am I kidding I could
not tell the month or year or
where I am even living, I have
been alone in the darkness
for so long now that the light
will hurt my eyes, I have gotten used to the quite and
even the sound of the cars
passing me by, besides i never need to worry again about being used or the pain of a broken heart inside.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey 


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