Loves War

Every time that we begin to fall in love it becomes a gamble, or a risk that we all must take never knowing if it is going to be a true love or just a reasonable facsimile that contains almost every piece and facet of what true love is really suppose to be you see love is what makes humans who and what we truly are and where we are going in this life and even though love is only just a four letter word it is very complex one. It can mean so many things to so many people I think it has gotten lost over translation and time, love is not a word that you throw out there because we have all been conditioned to repeat back as if we were parrots doing a trick, For example there are so many different types and even meanings that come with a whole lot of feelings which continues to leave us reeling, like the love between two star crossed lovers, between a mother and her son or daughter, between a brother and sister, you cannot forget the one between a dog and his master, or even my love of early morning fresh cut grass spring baseball game and a hot dog with a few cold beers with all four of my sons, love can be a war which can also end one too, many songs have been about every type but Pat Benitar says it the best for "Love is a battlefield"

Loves war

Goodnight sweetheart I hope 
that you sleep well so when you
finally close your tired eyes and start 
to dream tonight it is one of 
beautiful sunny sandy white beaches and
clear warm waters that are as 
green and bright as the sparkles
the once lit up your beautiful 
eyes. I also want you to know 
that I will always remember that
day that we met just like it was
only yesterday when we 
looked into each others eyes then got 
real close and kissed, like there was
nobody else around, i remember that 
I first asked you for permission 
then without any kind of hesitation 
you looked deeply into my eyes and 
melted into my arms in submission 
with no restrictions and moaned 
yes, oh baby yes you are now my addiction 
with out any conditions, now let me take 
take your dictation without shame, amen
then at that very moment and all of 
times many movements we realized that 
we were paralyzed as we then were 
baptized in the sweat of our love while 
you and I begin to idolize each other 
while we analyzed as we agonized 
and it kinda scared us but that 
did not stop us from walking down the 
isle listening to our wedding bells. Yet 
here we are the both of us injured with 
many the tall tale signs right before our 
eyes of the many battle scars of where 
we have been, and what we have heard 
and seen and to whom it is that 
we both are, just like two soldiers 
coming from different sides heading home 
from a brutal bloody war, with neither 
side a winner both have been beaten
down by each other and bruised
from what I call "loves war."
I have always in my heart loved you 
just as I know that you have also 
loved me in your own special ways but 
it was always at different times and 
in many places when one was ready 
the other turned their faces and that 
my dear is the one thing that I know
we can always agree on. It is so very 
obvious that we have always loved to hate
each other and now we even hate
to love one another, so now we 
just go back and forth like two 
fighters locked away in cage in a death 
do us part type of fighting while
going round after round both being pounded 
by a love that is blind blow after blow 
until we are holding up the other until
someone cries out uncle, so let us
both together throw up the white 
flag then call a truce and not go any 
further with you and I as we declare a truce 
without a winner then end this 
"loves war," right now then turn in
the opposite and
 walk away from each other while 
we are still able to even walk at 
all, let's declare that we have come 
to the realization that no matter 
how much dedication to the 
mediation that our two sides will 
never again get along. 
When all of the smoke clears and
the last words are never heard,
 I just want you to understand that I am
not angry about who, why, and how,
for I will always remember the 
night we heard the thunder roar 
and saw the lighting flash and feel 
the shaking coming from deep 
down in our souls from that very 
first time we ever kissed to the last we 
tasted on our lips. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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