Meant to be

This was something that I was writing to a friend that transformed somehow and became this, I am really starting to think I was born in the wrong century or even the wrong planet.

Meant to be

As I sit here in the quiet of a sleeping house
my mind begins to wander and I start
think about you as I always do causing me
to wonder where you are at this very moment
and what you might be doing right now then
I start to realize how much I truly do
miss you, not necessarily being together as
a couple but the texting all hours of
the day and night or talking
about this
and that, listening to what I need to say,
or even as I read you a piece of poetry, you
see I love you so very much
and I always will
but more in a way, you may never really
understand. Throughout my
entire life I have
always felt that I was just I guess a little
bit different than anyone else
what I mean
by that is I think about so many more things
then most people, deep and
well at least to me anyway, for example, I
cannot understand why so
many people
care about the color of another's person
skin, why people do not
that fighting over religion is absolutely
ridiculous because in the
first because
it is manmade, created by the few to control
what you do and your money,
or why it is
that greed needs to control everything, from
law enforcement and tickets
and the revenue
that it brings in, that is why we have more
laws than any other country
in the world
yet we fight and die in freedoms name
to the pharmaceutical company's
who can anything but would
not be
around to collect trillions of dollars if they did,
anyways what I am trying to
say is in all
of my life and all the many people, I have
never met anyone who inspires me
the way you do, please do not get me wrong
there are many who do inspire me too
and I love them all, but you have become
my muse completely
intertwined in all of my writing,
all of my passion, my thoughts,
my dreams, poetry and I have grown
to now believe
that you can very much
indeed be
in love with more that one person at a
time, I
have always loved so much
harder than
just about anybody, always throwing
everything I could give into
it giving
more than I had to give, asking very
little in return, I know that I was so
very lucky to have what we did at the
time that it happened for in that very
moment that God had given
us in that
short amount of time, you were able to fill
my heart so full of ink, my
mind so full
of words, and even gave my dying soul
an incredible amount of passion so much
so that the flames from that fire will
never go out, you may not
even know
how or what you did but when we kissed
that very first time you somehow
left a very big piece of you
inside of
me, a gift and no matter what may happen in
our lives I know that when
I die and
go back home to God, no matter how
hard they try to erase this place
down here a piece of you
will always
and forever be with me as a part of me
to be carried throughout
all of the eternity
within my soul and who really knows maybe
in our next lives, we will once
again dance
out under the stars holding each other in
our arms either as lovers
like we were
at one time or friends Iike we are as we will
always be, either way, thank
you for
letting me get to know you and for
believing in me when nobody else will
including me. Tonight as I
sat outside
I did see a beautiful shooting star as it
fell out of the sky, so I closed
my eyes
and made a wish, not for me but I made my
wish for you, I wished that
you will
find peace someday within all the turmoil that
lives deep within you, and
that you
will finally find your happily ever after
so that one day you can truly be the
beautiful queen, you were always
meant to be.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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