Forever in my mind

Remember that real beauty comes from Inside.

 "Forever in my Mind"

Have I told you just how
beautiful you are today? If I
have not well that is a shame
on me because you are very
much just as one of my beautiful
 dreams that feel as if it is coming alive, one, that has
lived a lifetime forever in my
mind and I get a feeling that
I have searched for you
back through all the sands
of time and I am a lucky man
for the beauty that you
exude comes from deep
within you which makes you
a very special woman whom
in a this very ugly world
that we seem to have found
ourselves in, is a one of a
kind that I love to always
see, a priceless piece of
 treasured art that no
amount of money could ever buy, and one who I feel lucky enough to ever find, so please
 accept my sincere apologies
if I have not told you just how
 incredibly beautiful you are  today then if you me just say
 that your beauty now consumes
me like the warmth o the sun enthralling all of my senses to
 no end, a captivated audience
you have found right here within
 me so with all of my never
ending love I do send, a kind of
 love that will last past forever
until all of the moments in time
have come together to end. 
Have I told you that you are so very beautiful you are today?
If I have not I beg off you to
let me take just a few more minutes and I will tell you why. , 
for you see you are truly of s
kind of beauty that most in a 
lifetime will never see one that
will last an eternity living inside 
of me, a beauty that I will always cherish and love forever for the beauty that I see will live on deep in my beating heart, as it
 blows my mind away and dances with my soul, for there is nothing beauty that you are is all of  the beautiful I will ever need for there is no one as beautiful as thee.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey
A Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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