Moving down deep

Moving down deep.

I have been surrounded by a darkness 
that somehow seems to be alive, 
for the harder I try to fight it, the 
colder I become, I can feel it moving 
way down deep inside, growing 
stronger every day consuming 
who I was and used to be and some 
of who I am today making it hard 
for me to think causing me to panic 
so it is hard for me to breath, with a 
pain in my chest as it wraps itself 
around my heart constricting  so hard 
that it feels as if it is crushing my very 
soul never showing mercy squeezing 
the last remaining life out of me until 
I finally pass out falling exhausted, 
still in disbelief wishing it was only 
just a dream yet knowing it is more a 
nightmare, as my eyes have remained 
wide open throughout the whole 
ordeal but could never see what 
was really happening to me just 
trying hard to survive always wondering 
why me while wiping tears from my face 
which is nothing more than a hopeless 
chase as they fall everyday anyways, 
only to crash upon the ground never to 
be found like whenever I try to scream 
crying out from all the pain trying so 
hard to understand anything I can, finding 
only roads that have no where to 
go and paths that lead only straight 
to hell, walking down the dirty streets 
filled with the homeless getting 
beat and addicts that are dying 
from an affliction that sounds a lot like 
it is fiction but it is true, it's a disease 
without a cure to ensure paranoia, 
confusion, hate, chaos, and fear 
between our races keeping us from 
standing together so they can control 
us easier created by our leaders 
who care nothing for the people 
evicting Jesus from the stables 
while banning God to only church 
steeples all for greed and power 
backed by oil and the almighty 
dollar that is used to hide all the murders 
of our sons and daughter's coming 
from made up wars of puppet regimes 
and faked borders and the heinous 
crimes of corporations wearing 
white collars who have all but genocide 
the middle class families by choosing 
profits over people while listening 
to the deafening sound of silence as 
the rich get richer the powerful 
get more power and the poor now live 
on the streets starving hohoho 
hohoho Merry fucking Christmas.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey 


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