Life goes on

Life goes on

I unlock my front door turn the knob
and slowly open it letting the sunlight hit 
me melting away the darkness that 
was covering my skin melting it away causing 
a smile to form feeling like a butterfly 
emerging from its cocoon allowing me 
to spread my wings and feel free, then
I breath in and then slowly I let it out 
putting one foot in front of the other 
day in and day out ever since you 
left me I am just trying to figure it 
all out taking one day at a time relearning 
how do things by myself like a child all 
over again now that it is only just me again 
not you and I, its been hard I will not lie
but you know what? I will be just fine
I did it before you came along and I will do 
once again just you wait and see, 
because I had lived my life just as happy
as I could ever be before it was ever 
you and me, oh my heart? Well, it has 
been broken many times before and 
I am quite sure that it will not be the last 
time either, and I got through it breathing and 
still alive just like I will when I get over 
you, but you must know that I will always care
no matter where you go or even 
what you may do, for you are now and will
forever always be a little part of me as 
I have also left a piece of me in you, 
for you see when people come
and go in our lives either by fate 
or maybe even chance no matter how 
long they are around or even why they are
there we learn something along the 
way from those individuals to help us 
get through our journey until the very 
end, oh I may hurt and feel the pain 
coming from a love that has died and the
ache of loneliness for I do not know how long 
but we all eventually heal it really is 
just a matter of time, so we can all be
ready for the next person who may 
come in to our live and who knows what
they will teach us but I know one thing
for sure either way life goes on so I
breath in and then slowly I let it out 
putting one foot in front of the other 
day in and day out. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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