I heard a familer tune

Carrying hate and anger inside will destroy you, you need to forgive and let it go, it has taken 13 years for me. Now I will pay for it for the rest of my life.. 

I heard a familer tune 

It been thirteen years and counting since we 
went our separate ways, yet my mind now and 
then still wanders to those days of you and I, 
yet I do not know why, just the other day I got 
a little lonely so I went to the bar to throw down 
a few beers, I looked up when i heard a familer 
tune my heart begun to race as tears fell down 
my face and my mind began remembering me 
and you out on that dance floor dancing to Neon 
Moon , waltzing across the floor with Brooks and 
Dunn, then two stepping as dwight sang dixie as 
he died, on the streets of Bakersfield, a thousand 
miles  from nowhere, staring into each others eyes,
promising forever, which I tried so hard to find 
but you broke my heart for good, it never worked 
the same, so I fell into a dark place that I still 
live today, nothing ever mattered when all was 
said and done I am so very sorry I burned the 
bridges down, I mean all you did was brake my 
heart in two, you were not the first one or the 
last i can finally tell the truth, what I but you 
through was caused by all the hurt and pain 
i am a man who is not supposed to cry so it 
turned to anger and boy did I let it reign, you 
probably will never read this and to tell the truth 
that is okay, but I was wrong and I am sorry I 
never should have acted that way, I never should 
have called you that or said what I had to say, I 
forgive you for everything you did I hope one day 
you forgive me too all that anger I held inside 
destroyed me through and through, I lost our friends 
and family too and if you see our son please tell him 
I am sorry too i sure do miss him but it was my fault
 that is what anger will do. Anyways i hope you have
  a good life and you are happy and your family is all 
  well, as for me it has taken a very long time but I 
  finally have gotten over you. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 
A Poet's Journey


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