A million shining lights

A million shining lights

As we were looking out the window
at all the stars tonight there must
have been about a million shining lights
from the reflection within her eyes, 
that's when I saw it the brightest one 
of all, shooting across the skies so 
bright a falling ember in the night 
so I closed my eyes thought real 
hard, took a deep breath as I made 
a wish when I opened up my eyes you
looked at me and smiled so I said "you
want to know what wish I wished for
don't you," then you shook her head yes
so I smiled back at her and I said while
I whispered ever so softly into your ear
"I want to stay the night right here next 
to you in this bed in your room and right 
here I want to lay always through forever 
making love every day to you like we 
were leaving never coming back home 
then when Monday morning comes 
around with the alarm going off, I will 
call in sick with the flu then pull all the 
sheets back up over me and you then 
start making love to you again until we 
become one deep down within our 
hearts beating the same beautiful 
rhythm in a righteous a melody of an 
undying love along with the innocence 
of a truthful honesty, minds thinking 
as one yet separately, and our two 
souls dancing close together holding 
on to one another among the stars and 
all of the heavens above never wavering 
in their love forevermore then when 
we are done we will stare 
into each other's eyes and do it all it over again.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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