One of a kind

One of a kind

I just thought that there was 
some thing you might ought to
 know from way back, before you
were even born, when God first
begin creating you, because he
damn well knew what he was
doing that's for sure with not a
 doubt leftover in my mind and 
that is why he had to break the
mold, for he had finally achieved
perfection so their could be no
other like you in this ugly broken
world, you see, baby you are like 
I always say to you all of the time
that you are indeed nothing less
then a one of kind personality
whose sheer absolute beauty
cannot be compared to any others
for you truly are a beautiful find on
any planet as your soul is just as
free and wild as a catogory five
tornado blowing across all of
Texas never to be ever captured
with a heart that is more giving
and loving then all of heaven who
can switch from a halo angel 
straight from heaven to fiery 
brimstone hell demon in three 
point four seconds causing hearts
 to break and souls to shake 
 then using all of that southern
 charm to say your sorry while 
 driving men crazy with your heated 
 passion just as you have
 done with me everyday since 
 we first met, and everything that has
 happened since from that first kiss
  until today through all these
many years of friendship that I 
for one shall forever treasure 
and even though you do not love 
me how I always wanted I am 
very grateful and blessed for 
the lkind of love you have always 
shown me so just know I will always
 love you never judge you
for living the life you want to all 
the while being the person you 
Turn to in your times of need for 
a shoulder to cry on or a ride to 
buy ice cream, an ear to tell al your.
 secrets too or someone to hear 
when speak, just as I have and
 always will. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 
A #Poets Journey 
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020 


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