The War

In our lives that we all live at one time or another, we will become addicted to something or someone at least one time, it is that single battle that will decide the path we take until the end. Please I ask you if you know an addict or are one yourself there is light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately, you or we and yes that is myself included are the only ones who are able to find it, you can have a million people fighting for you, but you yourself are the only one who can decide your fate......

My war still continues to this day....

"The War"

Every person who is born on this earth
has demons that live inside, it is a constant
battle through our life that we all must
fight just to stay alive, every decision that
we make is something that we ourselves
control, so choose wisely and with just
cause they battle us for our soul, the
war between both good and evil just so
you can understand, is with good from
God and the angels above and the evil
that is born from man, this war was
started a long time ago before man’s
time had first begun when God and the
angels cast Satan out so then he cursed
all of man from within, our conscious is the
difference it is supposed to know right
from wrong but with so many daily
temptations that are now thrown at us,
our demons have grown more strong our
inner demons grow in strength with
every bad choice or decision we make but
addiction the evil that has no cure has now
let our demons escape, causing the coming
destruction of mankind it is unlike anything
man has ever known while taking away
everything and everyone and then leaving
our children alone and with no home.
Unfortunately however this war we fight
will more than likely never end as the darkness
grows stronger every day, you ask how I
know I will tell you because I fought my
own demons for many years as they battled
me to escape, I finally beat those demons
the ones who lived down deep inside, fighting
them hand to hand to tell you the truth I
nearly died, but then with no hope left I
prayed hard to anyone who could hear my
cries, so a hand reached down from out of
the skies to help to my feet armed me the
weapons of love and hope piercing their
evil with my sword of light casting those
demons straight back to hell with the
strength of a thousand angels given to me
as a gift from He who lives up in heaven as
God fought with me right there by my side,
you see the battles and the wars we all fight
against the demons, it is getting harder
to fight every day because of the darkness it
will never leave for the demons are here to stay.

Poet Richard Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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