singing the blues

Singing the blues

I am so tired of always crying
while inside of me it feels like I
am dying while my heart keeps
breaking and my soul is just
singing the blues, my mind is
always trying to find the reasoning
within the understanding of why
it is and how I can still be in love
with a person like you, causing
a crisis of confusion throughout
my heart, mind, and soul bringing
the chaos of all my emotions that
are beyond my control, which explains
why one second I am laughing and
one minute later I am crying never
knowing which way I should go,
I am drowning in a pool of emotions
with some, I never even knew I had
and now I am lost in the bed I made
for two, wondering why it is that I
cannot get over you then forget all
about you and move on so please
have a little mercy and just leave me
alone do not write to me, come over,
or even pickup the phone, I may be
here in my head but I am not home
I cannot get you out of my head even
after everything that you have done to
me or even said, I just cannot forget
about all the memories of our past, for
I thought when we had said forever that
meant just that and we would have a
life together that would always and
forever last while on the floor spinning
round of this crazy life while our souls
still, dance.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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