Words are never wasted.

Please remember that words can cut deep like a dagger cutting out your heart they can hurt, wound, and even kill, yet they can be a dozen roses or stop armies, they can save lives like they have for me, so choose your words wisely and use them only in peace and love. 

Words are never wasted

I just wanted you to know

 that you really hurt my 

feelings just the other day

when you said for me

not to waste my words on

you, just as a tear begin

to form in the corner of

my eye, while the pain

coming from my chest

told me that my poor old 

heart was hurting

and broke again. but this

time it is not over you

but instead what you had

said, you see I very much

 do believe that words are

 never wasted on anything

or anybody no matter who

or what they have been

written for and in fact are 

very special and dear as

they mean so very much

to me and who I am, for 

every single drop of Ink that 

I spill across all the pages 

on the paper of my life's 

story, carry embedded in

the lines the very essence

 of who I am,it is filled with

all of my feelings and every 

emotion that are coming

 from deep down inside of

 me, where my heart keeps

on always telling secrets

to my lonely soul, for I am

a Poet or what you may

call a dreamer and I can 

speak straight from my

heart and I am always

listening to what my soul 

needs to say while always

 searching for those special

 people who can touch both

 and you my dear have come

 so very close indeed, but I

 am very sorry that I must

leave now and bid you adieu, 

after all these years of trying

 filled with so much love,

hate, fighting and forgiving

 it is time that we both turn 

and walk away from each

other with neither one of us 

to blame. I hope and pray

for you that one day soon

 you finally find who or what

 you have been always looking

 for and we both know it was 

never me, and I find the one 

who I can learn to love and who can 

return it back to me,so that I

can learn how to let love 

in from someone who is patient

and understand all the damage 

that has been done to me 

we will always be connected in 

our hearts where love has lived

with the other, our minds where all

the memories of you and me shall|

always be and our souls where they

will always remember all the many

dances we have shared for you

and I have left each other

 a little piece of one another to

be carried as part of who we are 

always and through forever until the

 ends of time.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey


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