Our own lives.

Our own lives

Sometimes when I am sitting outside

 in the middle of the night just thinking

about my life while looking up at all

of the stars and the moon through the

cloudy skies above, I can see my

reflection staring back at me looking

lost and so very tired and the wrinkles

and Grey beard makes him look a

whole lot older then he really is, then

I sit back and start to wonder to myself

 is this just a glimpse of my future or

who I am today, so I look into a mirror I

 am shocked about what I see, it is

me but I look so much younger but

 happier and more sure of himself than

  I do. Looking like he was a king, so I

stare for what seems like forever

 remembering back when he was me

back before a time when all of my

memories of when it felt like I could

 hold the world in my bare hands, a

leader among all leaders, not afraid of

anything while taking chances, while

never giving up on anything, a smile all

the time to everyone I would meet, so

 strong and sure that I would conquer

all and then as looked back into the

mirror he was gone only leaving a reflection of who I now am, then I look

away and | thought about the me who looked so much older than he was and

then it actually started to make sense

on what I have seen, so do I continue

 on the road that I am now and end up

looking like the reflection above that had seen or do I start a new path back

to who I was and want to be again making changes in my life like relationships and more so that I may

 have a chance to find happiness 

and the man I was before and then 

at that moment through all the tears in 

my eyes as I begin to look up in the 

mirror and above all of the reflections 

that I had seen of me had come

 together leaving a reflection but

looking a hell of alot more wiser and

it finally after all these years I now

 know that destiny is what we make

  ourselves not letting anyone tells us any different, we choose the paths we

   walk nobody else should be driving for we are the captian of own ship 

the king of our own kingdom, we are in 

charge of our own lives.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey


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