I know you said.

I know you said

I know you said I love you

 and I truly hope you do for

  I have wished upon a million

 shooting stars that have

 fallen from the midnight

 skies that you would love

me as I do you, for you my

dear are what dreams are made

of when I close my eyes at night

 to sleep, because making a wish

 is just a gamble it may or may

 not come true, but if you

 are lucky and work really hard

 never giving up on what you

believe, all of your dreams you

 have ever dreamed of 

sometimes do come true

and sweetheart I dream about

 you every single night and in

the daytime too and I promise

to love you until eternity passes

 as I have from that first day I

am never going to give up on

 you. So when you are ready to

 be loved and treated like a

 princess from someone who knows

 all you have done yet still loves

 you anyway, then call, me for I

 promise you will not be sorry

 because you would be my everything,

 everyday, and every night through

 forever and even the next day.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey


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