Forbidden Secrets

Everyone has little secrets or hidden truths that live in our heads, They are left over remnants reminding us of where we came from the dark ages  and the begining of man, I wonder if, or if I just do this, should I, has been a question men have asked through time, for those who don't quite understand here are a few examples, remember it is only a simulation of reality so here we go....

Forbidden Love

Forbidden love is the kind of love that we
all dream of at least one time or another in
your life it is a fantasy you keep hidden
away in the deepest darkest part of your
mind like that of a girlfriends mother you
just caught naked coming out of the shower
one day, then you tried to act like you did
not see anything but that rise in
your pants was a dead give away that she
at then smiled ever so sexy like she was
getting a present and it was Christmas day
then dropped her towel accidently and seduced you onto
the bed all because little junior made you a
liar in a big way but at least you know now
that all those years of practice works for your
girlfriends mom is kind of hot and better in
bed then her daughter will ever be or my
favorite for those that know my story you
see I met and married a pretty young woman
way to quickly against the wishes and advice
of everybody I knew they all tried to warn me
that she was not what she seems how should
I put I heard it an addict, a liar, thief and more
we can talk about later sorry but that was what
I was told and they were all right and I was
about to go but than you meet her older sister
and you think wow she is even more beautiful
than you can ever imagine then when you get
to know her and find out she has even more
beauty if you can believe it living on the inside
with a heart that is so loving, caring and kind I
feel so very lucky I even got the chance to
dance a few times around forever with her
soul, her sister used to tell me oh yes she is
very pretty go ahead and sleep with if you
can then without warning you go out dancing
both feeling so lonely so you end up holding
each other tight as you waltz around the floor
staring into each others eyes ever so deeply
both had drank more than their limit would allow
them thats no suprise anyway but their souls
screamed out to each other just wanting to be
held by one another, while their hearts begin
to beat together as one just as their lips quietly
came together not one single word was spoken
even the dancers disappered, the music got softer
the lights dimmer while it felt like a hundred years
then it was just to lovers need the touch of the other
and poetry was born and that one night created
a passion for one another that even today after
all they have been through still burns. next your
sister brings her six friends over for a girl's only
sleep over and mom away and dad are away then
who walks in me or rather you the brother one year
older in age, in from a night with friends drinking
and a little horse play, neither has seen the other so
nobody knows each other is there, so I well rather
you decide to take a shower and climb in bed, then
you start thinking what teenage boy talk about when
drinking and her come that rise again, and everybody
knows that palm is a boys best friend , so while
exercising your right to bear arms making one slightly
bigger from over extending your rise and shine
then with no warning a half dress see through wearing
teenage girl walks, eyes wide open and so are your pants
um what the hell she shuts door by mistake she says
looks like you could use another hand but I got
something better understand? No words you speak
because of shock and other things like deep down
inside, whenit was over she got dressed and walked
over opend the door and said do not tell soul especailly
your if you do i will never come again, the end well not
really I got quiet a few more storys but I was just
trying explain what goes on in our brains, do not
tell me I am lying we all have a side that nobody will
ever know, hidden truths in our head that stay there
until day when they can come out and play...

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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