Goodwill towards all men

Goodwill Towards All Men

As I look around me at the 

world today I just shake 

my head in great disgust

 with nothing else to say.

 what has happend to us? 

and why are we here? What

 are we doing to fix it? why 

do we all need to fear? what

 does it matter the color of 

a man's skin? Why does it

 matter what a persons

 religion is? Where is all the

 love that we are supposed

 to show? Why do we have

 children living on the streets

 with nothing to eat or drink

 and nowhere to go? Why do

 we have veterans coming

  home from unwanted 

wars who are battered,

 beaten, and bruised some

 coming back with no homes,

 diagnosed with PTSD, and 

no jobs, like our government

  just threw them all out with

 the garbage when they were

 done being used? Why is it

 that we as people cannot

 just all get along? Does it not

 say in the bible to love thy

 neighbor and to praise God

 and sing his song? I hope

 that soon for our children

 that we can all get together

 and get this all figured out

 until then I will continue to

 write, scream, and shout

 about the mess that we have

 placed ourselves now in until

 we find Peace on earth and

 Goodwill towards all men.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey


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