Love and regret

Love and regret

The only two regrets that I have when
looking back at the story of me and you
is not loving you more than I already did
and the second was ever loving you, for
you have taken me to places in my life
higher than I have ever been then pushed
me off that cliff causing me to start falling
father down to my lowest point time and
time again. All the love that we have shared
dare I say was more me than you no matter
what I did or what I tried there was never
anything that I could do, how much did
I love you? let me count the days for I loved
you so very much and in many different
ways. They say that love fades so fast and
I do believe that it is true for when it does
it will also leave you feeling blue. I know now
that you can never force somebody to love
you no matter how hard you try, besides you
want someone to love you for you and you
need to first love yourself from inside.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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