When will it be?

We as a people the citizens of this our planet Earth must look inside ourselves and answer these questions to stand up and fight for freedom and let peace win. Hate has been in place way to long let's all overthrow it so love can rule us all.

When will it be?

How much longer will It be that I no
longer feel that I am all alone? How
much love will it be that I need to feel
love at all? How long will it be that I
live in the deepest depths of darkness with no light to see? How long will it 
be until my eyes are open to the broken
world that is around me and I can see
all the truths that I now seek? When
will it be that my poor broken heart will
finally be healed so I can feel it beat
once more, never to be broken again?
When will it be that I finally live a life
of the righteous and not for all this sin?
When will it be before my mind is
opened to all the world around? When
will it be my ears learn to listen to thebsounds of the silent that now and
forever do abound? When will I be free
to break all of the chains that now
bind me to free me from my own
prison to let me go and set me free?
When will we learn to free the chains
of tyranny? When will it be that I stop
paying for all of our fathers sins to live
a life free of fear of another's mans
skin to break the cycle of all the
religious wars and the raping of
woman and children along with
all of the abuse and more? When
will it be that I open the door to my
own home take a look outside to
see peace up on the thrown? When
can I stand up to finally be a man so
that I can fight for freedom in every
land? When will it be that the human
race wakes up from this nightmare
that we all now live? When will it be
that we feed the hungry and build
them homes to give and water when
they are thirsty ? When will we stand
up together and end all that is wrong? When I ask you let's all get along,
When will it be? When will it be? When will it be?

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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