But after all what is time?

But after all what is time?

But after all what is time? As it is
always moving forward never looking
back and seems we never have
enough of it unless it is in our hands or is
It but just a single grain of
sand in a dry and desert
land or a very brief blink of
an eye or lightning struck
even one drop of water
falling from the sky like rain?
Maybe the single beat of a
broken heart or just a single
frame of an old fractured
memory that was leftover
and forgotten in the grey matters
of our minds as we live our lives
confined to the one thing that
we cannot ever get back,
Time, how do we come
to computation to get a
reasonable equation in
the amount of love that we will
have in the moments that we
are given by our creator to his
creations then confined by the
reality In which we are driven
into the dreams of our visions in
which we will remain, as we
all here are on this one single
planet only just humans with 
unreasonable expectations
through our explosive emotions
that we bottle up keep inside until
shaken than with no reasonable
anticipation of the cinematic
climatic revelation that we in
the brief description of who and
what we are In the realm of a
meaningless alternate reality
and in dreaming will without
a doubt miss out and even
look back and wish for it anyway
and every way with anybody
that we possibly can, we our
sorry that we squandered it
in the final thoughts that we
will ponder before we go up
yonder, saying if we could have
we would have loved to have had
taken more time while I made
love to you for as with anything
before our end, so please remember
that we the that is you and
me as a single people, not a race,
color, gender, religion, or creed have
in fact, been given already more
then enough chances no matter how
much the process to in fact get
rid of all the hate and instead make love.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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