On some cold winters night

On some cold Winters Night

Maybe one day on some cold winters 
night in a cabin laying on blanket by the
fireplace I will create a new piece of
poetry and I will again write it all over
you. First I will start to write just how
much that I truly do love you and what
your love has done to me on the back
of your beautiful soft neck as I whisper
those same words softly into your ear
so you will never forget. Then as my
pen starts to find its own way slowly
down the middle your back those words
that have I written unto you will start to
wrap firmly around your body and end up
on the top of your beautiful naked breast
as I whisper to you and ask should I go
on? Just as you start to softly moan yes.
I will then began etching into your skin
how our love had first begun on that hot
midsummer's night on a blanket under 
the stars and full moons glow, just as I
become an artist who is starting a new
painting on an empty canvas or even a
musician starting his song of love on a
blank sheet of music creating a priceless
masterpiece that will last always and
forever as I continue as if I am a tattoo
artist as I write those words I have
written onto you like a magician casting
a spell they will start to come alive and
dance across your beautiful body while
you let out a sigh and maybe a little
giggle as they tickle you. I will then 
kiss you with the passion of all the greatest
lovers of the past whose love goes on
forever and shall always last just as you
whisper I love you please baby do not
stop. Then as my words find a place to
go you and I will both know how much 
love we hold for each other, along with
the passion and all of the understanding 
will continue until the last days of forever 
climaxing like the finale in an unfinished
symphony just as the fire dies down to
just a smoldering ember with your head
on my chest spent and exhausted as you
remember all of those words that I have
just written unto you, words that neither 
one of us shall ever forget, then as
before maybe one day on some cold
winter’s night in a cabin on a blanket by a
roaring fireplace I want to create a new
poem and I will call it the story of Me 
and You on some cold winters night.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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