It's okay if Peter pan

Warning adult content here... R rated

It's okay if Peter Pan is gay

Where oh where could Peter pan
be, I wanna be a lost boy from
neverland so I can finally escape
from this reality, my life down here has
turned out like shit I am a loser in
love more times then I can count
hell my hands even hate me
because ii masturbate too much
So I really hope that he brings
Tinker bell with him I think she is
kinda hot at least as far as I can tell,
maybe if I am lucky she will share
her pixie dust and let us snort a
big fat line, and get us high as fuck,
They fly around the room while she
spanks my butt, then we can do
some more we can get our freak on
and play the show and tell then we can
take our clothes off and see what
Peter's got, he might be huge you
never know or maybe he is small after
all he and Tinkerbell, they are pretty
close I kinda think and it's okay with
me then again maybe he is gay after
all he makes boys lost, taking them
away or maybe I got it all wrong and
he has nothing at all, what I mean
by that is no cock or balls his voice is 
kinda high so maybe he's a she and has 
a pussy and is bi hell if it's true we could
Really get along have a threesome then 
after we are done we can fly in
the air towards the brightest star and
when we finally get there find Captain
hook I think it would be cool if he tied
us up and made rough while he makes
us walk his plank (wood) I mean
blindfolded then touch me with his hook
then make me cum in his first mate's
mouth all the while hearing tick tock
tick tock in a great big orgy on the
pirate's big boat, and what happens
there I will never tell but I may write a

The end

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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