Rethuglicans and Demoncrats

Rethuglicans and Demoncrats

What happened to our proud

 eagle that used to fly so proud

 and high? Because everywhere

 that I look across this great

 land we now have so many

 americans struggling just 

trying to make it by and I am

 just trying to understand

 what the hell is going on 

and to justify it all inside of

 my own mind. what is going

 on with our goverment? what

is really wrong? Are they not

 the same ones who are

 supposed to be watching out

 over us? Then why instead

 are they fighting with each

 and not trying to get along?

 We as Americans deserve

 better than what we get, all

 because they are to damn

 busy trying to have their 

own president elect,

 Rethuglicans and

 Demoncrats is all that we

 get to choose, I know that I

 am disgusted with politics

 in this country what about


Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey


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