That is the question

That is the question

At that very moment, we are conceived a
timer will begin, counting down year-by-year
month after month, week by week, day by
day hour after hour minutes and seconds
until the very end when time stops at least
our time, how much time do we have? No
one really knows, so use the time that you
are given and help your fellow man why?
because life is hard down here on earth as
we struggle every day to find food and
water and a shelter just to lay your head,
with hate and violence taking place in
every shape and form, from the purple
mountain majesty and in every foreign land
from the bottom of the Grand Canyon
to the highest mountains we can stand to
the desert and sea to shining sea, coming
from ignorance which is caused by nothing
more than fear that is fed from our own
human stupidity,. To be or not to be is
the question that I struggle with every
single day as I watch in terror all of human
kind trying so hard to kill itself while
destroying what is left of humanity, we
talk a big talk of finding peace around the
world but it is impossible implausible
and never will it be because we must
foremost find peace within ourselves
individually but it is a very noble thought
indeed, but alas I know that it shall always
remain just a dream, one I am afraid we will
never see, for our human emotions conflict
with peace, it is something we as humans
cannot deny as we were made by our creators
to survive by any means so we can live our
lives and breed, jealousy, greed, hate, and
anger is just a few of our emotions that have
killed uncountable lives and there are many
more, but just those few are enough to show
you what I mean, with every tick upon the
clock, a grain of sand will fall, just another
reminder that we have little time at all. I have
seen the bad and the good with everything
in between. I have felt the pain of hate and
anger and have given it back in return times
three, I have felt the wraith of a woman's scorn
and there has been a woman I have burned.
I have been to war across the world and was
shot by an angry man, so I shot back with all
I had killed many more. I have seen man rise
into the sky, as he tries to touch the sun, just
as rockets fell back to earth, destroying every
one, so I will ask once again "To be or not to
be" but as I look into the mirror, I still cannot
answer yet maybe one day we shall see, there
is one thing I have not told you that might
make you feel less pain as there are two words:
you should know, and they are faith and hope two
things we cannot live without as men. Hope is all
that is left when we have nothing else when all
looks lost and you have nothing else to hang onto
hope will get you through the night turning the
darkness into the light you must have faith in our
God that he will hear our prayers to help us fight all
that is bad and fill our hearts with love. So even
though things look bad around the globe with
pandemics are now the norm. just remember
we have seen it all before, yet here we still stand
today, so do not give up on hope yet. We should
just bow our heads and pray for I believe God
will hear them and He will give us the strength
to and up together, holding hands as we all walk
out of the storm one day.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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