A dream is just a dream

Sometimes a dream is just that a dream
a made-up movie that your mind creates
to give us a sense of what life could be
or might be it is not necessarily the way
your life should be and maybe I should
have left it that just a dream to fade away
into obscurity, just like me and you someday
I hope that maybe one day we can forgive 
each other for not being the person we 
wanted one another to be, in my case, a 
fantasy somebody to show me what it 
was like to have someone give love to me. 
I gave you everything, even some things I 
was not sure I had to give you while you 
gave very little in return to me. I only just 
wanted to be the one you had chosen 
when everyone else wanted you to. Too 
be your proverbial knight in shining armor, 
a fairytale that ended happily ever after
but I guess we all have a tendency to 
ignore the truths believing the untruths 
so we could feel at least a temporary 
relief from a cold and lonely world, so we 
choose happiness we know in our gut
will never last because it is better than 
never being happy at all, but you know 
what really makes me mad is that we 
didn't get the chance to become what 
we both wanted us to be, and that's a 
damn shame. It's a downright calamity,
do you not agree? The problem with 
humanity is we have become numb 
from the sins of society, we think that
a little kiss and a hug, then say the 
words I love you will make it so like 
they are casting a spell to keep the 
status quo while our hearts and soul
disagree causing confusion of epic
proportion in the continuity of what 
genuine love is supposed to be when
in reality, love only works if two people
agree to work hard, on trust for with
out it, love will wither away and die
to be replaced with hate and distrust
and jealousy. Marriage is something
you should never take lightly, for it is 
a two-way street where you both meet
somewhere in the middle, it is a kind of
give and take contract bound together 
in all aspects of life, where you have 
each other's back, not a one-way path 
believing people who may be on crack 
plotting against you because they 
messed up what they had and are 
jealous of what you have. There are 
no bad guys in this story. It is not a 
battle between good and evil, the fault 
is not yours or mine, it is ours and it 
is what it is, there is no blame, neither 
one of us should feel shame we tried 
our best; we failed together. Is it over? 
Well, I guess that is up to you, depends
what you want to do, if you want to know
what I think or how I feel I still love you 
If anybody knows, I know marriage is 
difficult, that is the truth, especially when 
you have had your ass kicked in what
I call "love's war". That's a fact and in 
our situation, it makes it even harder 
because you're not here, but then we 
have another little man who loves you 
unconditionally telling someone that 
he doesn't have a mother that his 
They locked mom up in prison and 
cannot wait until she comes home. 
So what should I tell him? If your 
wanting an apology, then I apologize. 
Just know that I will always and forever
love you until my bitter end and comes 
then I will love you even more, so 
when I am up there looking down on 
you. I will smile, remembering when 
I held you in my arms the day you 
made a dream come true that day 
we said I do, so thank you for giving
this old man a purpose, at least for
a little while and giving me a reason 
to get better, you reminded me, that 
I do not need to be alone and my 
life was not a waste of time and 
if I could go back to that phone I 
would say yes all over again. I love
you and forever, always will.

Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey 


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