Hey Lady

 Hey lady

Hey lady, I just wanted you
to know that I think you are
a special kind of beautiful,
unlike this world has ever
known, they say that beauty
comes from within one's own
self and I believe that to be
true for I never in my life have
known such a rare and perfect
beauty that is you, a heart
that has been unbroken, that
is full of patience and under
standing will love you until the
end, her soul, you can then
capture and hold so dear you,
wish it would never end.
Love is something that is very
hard to find, but worth it if can,
so you must try to find it every
where, when you truly hold it,
you will finally understand.
Taking chances to find the one
that is worth the pain when
wrong, half the fun is getting
there until she comes along,
once you find her, you need to
hold on to her tight so that
love will not run away, then
kiss her and tell her so every
day and night.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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