One day at a time

 One day at a time

Yesterday I laughed, today I cried,
tomorrow is still a mystery as to
what may lie ahead, all we know
for sure is that life begins, then it
ends, so worry not what might or
may not come, my friends, or whether
it is good, bad, even happy, or sad
so just remember that the days
will come and the nights will go,
but it comes with each morning
of the rising sun. That is something
we know, so let us close our eyes
take a deep breath then open
them and take a chance. Spin
that wheel or roll the dice, win on
seven loose on snake eyes pull
that arm plays some slots. Bet it
all on a long shot called it's your
life, the one thing you should
try to always remember is you
can never go back and you cannot
predict the future life is hard we
only live once, so make damn
sure that you lived it, so go ahead
dance with the devil and sleep
with your demons, then go to
church and pray for forgiveness
and always be kind to all you
meet always give hope and use
your strength never give up on
your dreams. Is it luck or is it
faith that keeps us moving forward
every day all I know is I have
one last piece of advice to give
that is no matter what decisions
that you make in your life, we
have only two places we can go
so just smile every single day
love everyone you can, read and
write poetry and take it one day
at a time.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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