Smile like you did something wrong

 Smile like you did something wrong

Have you ever noticed that the devil
who is the epitome of evil has not been
seen for quite some time now since
man himself has now started to create
his own hate and evil and has, for a very
long now? We fight over religion, which
man created in the first place to control
the masses and their money and looking
at some of those television evangelists
do not get me started, just keep on
reading to read what I wrote about it then
through our own ignorance of uneducated
bigotry, we separate ourselves by the color
of our skin, never knowing what lies within
or where we may be from. I mean, come
on it after all one planet with one race the
humankind and all citizens of earth, we
treat women differently, almost as if they
are lower class than men, even though
they can do everything the same and then
some and of course, it is because of that
they wear pants, I believe the greatest
of all evil are greed and the lust for power
in my opinion which counts for nothing
is the number one sin causing most of
the problems that plague us today, why?
People lost their damn minds for it, they
will lie for it, die because of it, hurt, or even
kill anyone to get it, steal to have it, sell
themselves or someone else's body to
touch it, why even the churches do what
they can keep it, let's listen in on a
private conversation I heard once "Praise
be God told me at a golf course the other
day playing eighteen holes with Trump
and Al Gore that we need to feed the little
children, house the homeless, help the
less fortunate so I am starting a church
tax-free as they fly around in their million
dollar lear jets and drive cars that only the
wealthy can get living in hundred room
mansions that could house and feed whole
countries while spewing out bible verses
to play on your hearts as tears fall down
telling how sorry they are and it works as
they are collecting billions of dollars of your
hard-earned cash even credit cards taking
checks and more, then we have the big
corporations buying out and underselling
mom and pop owned stores ran for ten
generations that only care about the bottom
line and paying back investors who gave
thousands expecting millions in return while
moving all those jobs to third world countries
who use children for slave labor making only
pennies a day and you know what that is not
okay ask the Devil. Have you learned anything
see the Devil was a one-man company but
big pharmaceutical fired him because it did
not make sense that Devil only got a few
hundred souls when the government created
all those drugs like PCP and heroin collecting
millions of souls by addiction then arresting
you making money on the bondsman, then
placing you in chains as they sell you into
modern-day slavery in the prison system did
not President Abraham Lincoln win? See I can
go all day writing down everything to show
you that we are now the number one official,
top of the field, uno mas creators of hate and
evil of our own sad affliction living a lie in our
perdition so what are we going to do? I am not
sure for I am only one man that no one listens
to anyways all I can say to you is smile every
day and everywhere to everyone you meet, try
to let go of as much hate as you can and make
love to everyone it is much easier you will see
then let's start a boycott of those companies
who are unfair to their employees for one week
believe me, they will know that we are all here
watching, then shake hands with all who are
around no matter what race, religion, gender, or
even the color of their skin, for it, is only just a costume
given to us by the man above, for the truth is
what matters most is what we have inside,
our hearts, minds and souls, oh we as in you me
are all the same, so do not even try. It is all so very
very easy. you see, if I can do it so can you, then
you teach your children and it becomes the
thing to do and then hopefully we can right all
of the injustices in the world today, oh one last
thing just plain smile like you did something wrong.
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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