All your thoughts

For a very special and close friend..

As all your thoughts begin
to flow many tears start
to roll off your nose silently
splashing causing pool on
the floor as sadness and
happiness trade places causing
you to feel kind of crazy as
all of your feelings
become an on again off again
not knowing where to begin
while missing and grieving
your lover, family, and friend
as the memories you stored
start playing a menagerie
of movies, photos bring back
Sights sounds and smells of
all the times you had of
when you and he danced
toe to toe out on the floor
of life back when both
hearts were alive beating
together out in dark and
rain laughing like you were
both insane like true love
does and even now
after God took him back
home he is looking down
from high above smiling
at you with wings all a
glow so always remember
that the dance you shared
is still going on with both
of your souls happily
knowing that one day you
will be together again that
I pray but for now, rejoice
that he is following you
wherever it is that you
may go and if you listen
real close-shut eyes you
will hear the quiet whispering
of an angel telling you
secrets that you need to
know in your ear than
a warm fuzzy feeling of
love in your heart for he
is letting you know that
he is not all that far from
you and will always be
protecting you and he will
always be alive in your

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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