Six feet down

Six feet down

Living in the darkness
with the daylight all
around hiding from
your demons and
not wanting to be found.
drowning in all your tears
with all of the sadness
in your past, hoping for
the sunshine but it never
really last,
tormented by your memories
of mistakes that have been
hiding in your mind
reaching out for help
but there is no more to find,
running from the truth
that you tried so hard to hide
your an addict that has
fallen into harder times.
fighting back the memories
of all the love that has gone
bad with painful scars of all
the broken hearts that you
have ever had.
every time you try to stand
a demon knocks you down
and with the help of evil it
pins you to the ground.
This war we fight against
addiction is one we battle
all alone and is one that
will last forever it is the
greatest war that man
has ever known, with the
death toll now in billions
and kings that have lost
their crowns addiction does
not care about who or where
you are from and will haunt
you forever until your
buried six feet down.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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