Random thoughts of a Poet

Random thoughts of a Poet.

I guess I just have not let go
of all my past as it is now stored
with all of my memories, flowing
from my mind like a mighty river
to the deep blue seas as currents
push the waters, like time
pushes me to move forward
with life and live with the
thoughts of my loved ones
who have filled my heart full,
from the very first of my loves back
then till the last of all of thee
that my heart and soul shall
ever see, like the ocean
that is so deep my love knows
no end, this is the reason I
hurt so bad, in other words
a heart filled with that much
love and devotion gets lost
like a raindrop in the middle
of the sea. No person on
earth or with God in the
heavens above will ever really
understand that
what goes up must come
down and the more love
that you give away the more
pain that you will see, for
every reaction there will be an action
that takes place and if the glass
is half empty it maybe actually
half filled, so I guess the answer
to this question that I am trying
so hard to say is, if you
love as you get loved we would all
live a life equally.This is what
I get when I think way
deep and lay here thinking of
life, love, and religion damn I
got to get to work I should have
gotten some sleep.
Happy Friday everyone let us
love everyone like you want
to be loved and make this place
a better place to be.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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