A Classic Love

A Classic Love.

I have been thinking about the love
that we now share and I truly
now believe that there is no
other love that has ever been
or that can ever compare to
the love that we have now or
ever will be.
Our love Is more like the most
expensive wines that have been
ever been made, for as our love
ages it gets so much better
over time, a flush like the one
that is now upon your face no
not like just a glass or even a
bottle but the whole case
after making love to you from
the dark of night until the early
morning light, or like a fine
white wine just as pure as our
love and the devotion that we
have for each other that I find
so divine,
even like a beautiful merlot or
red wine just like the fire and
the passion that we show for each
other with nothing else that
ever needs to be said.
Maybe it is like the classical
music of our past, just like a
Mozart piano concerto as my
fingers play across your body
like I am playing the black and
white ivory keys of a baby
grand, or even Tchaikovsky’s
1812 Overture riding in on my
handsome steed to save you
From the life of sadness like
you had before and no longer
lead, it might even be a
Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata
where I wrote you a new poem
While you were lying on that
a soft blanket on the beach at
midnight in front of a roaring
fire drinking wine where we had
so much fun time after time.
Yes our love is like listening to
the classical music while we
are drinking a bottle of the
finest wine, a love of epic proportion
one that shall last like all of the
classics of all time.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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