Saying goodbye

Saying Goodbye

In my life that has been filled with so much
sorrow and many regrets there are so many
moments that are embedded in my memories
that I cannot and will never forget, for you see I have
now faced all the skeletons that I have hidden
away in the dark closets that fill my mind
and I have beaten back all of my demons that
have been haunting me and I am now finally
okay with my littered past that I have truly regretted
all this time. I have found in life that you will
find all of your strength in all the times and
moments of your weakness as you never know
just how much you really have until you survive
the strongest of the storms yet still stand up and
walk out of the dark still alive. For once after all
these long and hard many years I have finally
been able to let go of all the hate and anger that
had been filling my heart so full and now have
come to a place where I can find peace with you
but even more importantly I have found peace
within myself.I have been weighed down all these
years with the pain of a broken heart from your love
that was never mine from the start while I have been
strapped down with a soul that cries in anger for
the sheer loneliness of a life that it has had
to bare while carrying the pain of missing the
real you. I have been lost somewhere in the
recesses of my mind while trapped in all of the
memories of our past for way too long, but baby
please know that it has not been easy and
that as the tears are falling forming a river of
goodbyes please know that I will always love
you, but it is the time that I now start moving forward
with what is left of my life and it is time that I can
finally, start moving on turn away from you, and
say goodbye.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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