What's my name?

It does not matter out here among the shadows on streets.

Where am I from?

It doesn't matter out here among the forgotten your afraid to meet

Do you have a family?

Yes, I have many out here among the ones that sleep awake afraid to fall asleep

Why am I here?

There are many reasons see I am an addict
with mental illness that no one cares for
and can not treat. you see, I ran away when I
was ten or maybe eight because my father
could not keep his hands off me. I think my
age is twenty-five or maybe twenty-eight
to tell you truth I really don't remember it has
been so long since I even had a birthday cake.
I survive by how my daddy showed me how in
an empty room with a bed with all of his friends
in the cold with no lights or even heat
we move around at night to keep low and
out of sight while we trade for food and clothes
with our bodies and to those who pay us right
we are all lost with broken homes running from
a past that was always a fight and that's why
they call us the shadows that you see out here
late at night.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
©A #Poets Journey


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