I just want you know

I just want you to know.

I just want you to know that
I miss you and the love
that we once had more and
more every single day, I know
they say that time heals our
wounds and that we move on
eventually, but just so you
know It is not always true for
your memories will never fade
and they shall always remain
for all these tears that fall down
my face for you when I
am alone still carry the very
thoughts and feelings of you
every single day, I truly do
believe that in our short lives
that we all live, love will come
and love will go but if you are
one of those lucky enough to
have fate on your side you will
meet that one person who is
special over all others that we
meet they will be that one
whom you will always in your
remember forever through all
the ends of time for the true
love you shared while you
were together was very strong
and deep, that one you still
maybe with forever or maybe
even for just a few days or even
weeks, the one who woke your
sleeping soul above any and
all others that you will ever seek,
the very one that you judge all the
rest, the one that rose above a
caused your heart skip a beat
as time will attest.
I found that one soul within
you, no matter where it is in
this world that you may be
and as I am sitting here right
at this very moment under the
millions of stars across the
night sky with all my memories
of you and me, I just wanted to
reach out to say thank you so
very much for not only being
such a big part of my life for
just that brief moment, but for
the piece of your heart and
soul that you left inside of me
that shall now always be a
part of whom I am and has made
the reflection of whom you see.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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