The final deal

This is part three of my Epic Poem called "Conversations with God and the Devil" the first part was called "I saw God" the second "I talked to the Devil"

"The final deal"

Just as the Devil started shuffling and dealing the
cards all the while mumbling under his breath to
himself the whole time about how everyone was
cheating and that he should be the one who was
winning as he was giving everyone at the table the
evil eye with that damn stupid grin of his then
stopping at me and trying hard to stare me down
all pissed off because of our past experiences,
when I kicked his ass, so I went ahead took that
chance to look up for a very quick glance around
the poker table curious about who I just might see,
sitting in tonight for this epic poker game, I started
shaking my head while thinking to myself, "Yes
indeed this will be an interesting game," because
on sitting on my right was God, and if I remember
our long conversation that we had when I saw her
just last week, it was actually supposed to be her
turn to host the game but she had asked me if I
would for my very first time, all because since She
and the Devil got that really mean and nasty
divorce at a much different place and time back
before man was born, there is always some
kind of huge fight going on, for example, do you
all remember that huge flood? Yup that's right,
so the Devil is not allowed up in heaven anymore.
So, when they both invited me at different times
to play poker on Tuesday nights, I just had to say
yes, I mean I think just about anyone would want
to come and see this sight, am I right or wrong?
Anyway before I keep going on, to Her left was
a man I had met at one time before, he was a
great man, an actor, and our President at one
tim his name was Ronald W. Reagan, then on
my left was a man by the name of Buddha, so
of course I asked him If I could rub his belly for
luck. Buddha says, "Oh my Richard luck is what
you make it, I believe that hard work is the best
way, peace be with you, my friend", just then
The devil laughed out loud while rolling his pitch black
eyes and that is when Mr. Reagan chimed in "Oh
brother, Let us not start that again, Devil just be
quiet and deal the damn old cards, you weasel,
so I can get home before I get in trouble by the
old lady again." To his left was someone who I
had never seen before, but I did have a very
strange yet scary feeling that we had talked more
then a few times before, somewhere back in my
past, and even though he never said a thing, I
could hear his every word he was saying, then I
pure white and felt sick to my stomach because
right then it hit me as a chill came over my whole
body, I had remembered that I have escaped
Death on several occasions before, he must of
saw my face as looked straight at me and said
"What in the hell are you staring at Richard?"
I looked the other way real fast. Just then I started
really thinking to myself that maybe this world
would be better off playing poker once a week, I
mean think about it, if we could get all of the
world leaders together in a poker match, then
while they are playing the game they could sit
back while drinking an ice cold beer and talk
about war and peace, religious freedoms,
feeding the worldwide famine, all the while,
the music was jamming and sort things out
like real men are supposed to do, we would
have no more raping and killing, and world peace
might just have a chance to break through. Then,
just as our game was ready to begin, there was
a very loud knocking, no it was more like a banging
with loud screaming from a woman saying "Ronnie
Reagan, you had better not be in there" then
the door burst open and standing there was Mrs.
Nancy Regan with a look that could probably kill,
even I got scared, hid behind God then when I
turned back around I had found, that Mr. Regan
was long gone, he had somehow managed to slip
on out unseen right through the back door, right
then God gave me a wink and sly smile and the
Devil, of course, stood up and lied when he said
"Mrs. Reagan I swear that we have not seen him
here all night." So she turned around slamming
the door hard, we all laughed for quite a little bit
and we talked about this and that, while the game
continued all night long and into the next day, until
about half-past four, when the only ones left sitting
at the table was myself and Death for one last
deal. We both had two aces that were showing,
while I had the king of hearts and spades, that
were not showing in my tired and trembling hands.
Death said with absolutely no emotion showing
"Now this is very interesting why don't we up the
ante one last time and see who wins. God then
looked right at me "I don't think that is a very
good idea. So, the Devil said "Why what's the matter
Richard? Are you a chicken." Buddha
who was unusually quite said with a yawn "I wish
I could stay to see this but I am really tired so I
need to get to bed." Then said, "Peace be with you'
friends." Then out the door, he went. I thought to
myself for a few minutes then I asked, "What do
you have in mind?" Death said, "How many times
have you escaped me in your life thus far?" I started
counting while stopping on just one hand "Oh, I do
believe about four or five times." Death said, "Okay,
then if I win you will not have a sixth time, and
tonight it will all end." The Devil started laughing so
hard he begin to cry tears of joy while rolling on
the ground like he was a little kid, until God jumped
up looked right at him with fire in Her eyes then
said in a very calm and collected voice "This is
why Devil I cannot stand you, why don't you grow
up for once in your miserable life?" Shook her head,
then she said "Now get up off the floor and act like an
adult” then quietly sat back down, looked at me and
smiled "It is up to you my dear friend but, I can
promise you this there will be no cheating going on"
as she then looked back at the Devil and said
with a firm smile "Does everyone here understand?"
The Devil looked at Death and then we all looked at
each other then we all shook our heads. God said
"Okay fine then, let's all take a quick break then
Richard can make a decision but first Death tell him
what he gets if he wins" Death sat back stunned as if
he had not thought about that then slammed his
hands on the table and started to say.

To be continued.......

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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