For better or worse

For better or worse

I thought to myself the very first moment
that I laid my eyes upon you that I could
easily fall in love with you for at least one
hundred years or more, and with my
hand in yours we would walk and watch
every single night as the made love to
the moon from every ocean shore, as
we feel ecstasy until the sun rises up again
even though after all of these years have come
and gone again we have seen our share of
heartache, sorrow, and grief, yet be still my
beating heart as it still wants to love you for
another hundred more years, because it
still believes in you and even though we have
had our bad times as couples always do, yet
there was always so much that is good, our
I know that we have seen in our life a fair share
of sickness but here we are in good health,
God bless us, we have been so much richer,
with each other and we have been the route of
poor, we have escaped the death that tried
very hard to do us part no doubt.
We have made mistakes both you and I yet
neither have been better or for the worse, yet
here we are standing here today through
the rain as we have weathered out the storms
through wars of love and bitter hate, my heart
and soul are still in love with just as strong
since the day we met, it will always be forged
in stone. so no matter what is blown before
us that have been carried by the winds of fate,
the love I feel from deep within has always been
coming from the first grain of sand of time
way back when before even man, our two souls
have been together many moments in the past
as lovers and as mates as our future goes from
this day forward until a Hundred Years has
passed, no one but God and all his angels
above will know all the answers that I ask
for now, I look forward to spending my time
with you learning from our past mistakes
making our love a monument to lovers in the
past and with ninety more years ahead of us
our love will and shall last.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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