Little kisses

Little kisses

I just wanted to tell you just how much that those little kissest hat you left on my lips the last few days had really meant to me, you see the taste that you left of your lips upon mine, started retrieving long dead past memories of you and I back when we lived together and knew what the true beauty of real happiness and joy, back before all of this anger, sadness and even back when we could actually get close enough to see the reflections of our undying love for one another deep down to our souls in each other's eyes. all of the beautiful loving times that we once had both now forgotten washed away every morning by the many waves of sorrow fed by distrust caused by lies of indiscretions ripped away from us, stolen by that evil we now call addiction taken from us with no regard of our emotions all the happiness that I used to always feel that I believed would live in my heart with every single beat and up in my mind playing over and over like a movie that started with once upon a time then ended with happily ever after with tears of joy in our eyes. But I need you know and to let you see that the way you have ever since treated me cannot be changed by just a few little kisses, no never since it is not a little scratch on a little boys scrapped knee the kind where his momma says in sweet voice here is a band-aid baby and here is some little kisses all better now you see? No it much more than that for time after time you have beaten me down while ripping my heart out breaking the beat of every rhythm of love into pieces as they fell to the ground to here right now today at this very minute, barely the man that I used to be never a smile for anyone as my trust was shattered or laugh NO now just the opposite of that as the matter of fact I do wish so hard so very hard I have wished a wish on every shooting star that fell from the heavens like a fallen angel that had lost her way I threw away every dime I ever had down the wishing wells so much so that I am now broke I even found some witches tocast a magic spell yet here we are sitting right next to each a million miles apart neither of us wanting to be together watching the other fall apart hoping that death would come fast so we may part dear God not in years or weeks by I just a few more days you see it will take a lot more little kisses than that and which by the lack of a touch that I may feel from youy et so many others have received I truly do believe even then I just cannot see that you and I will ever find what we had way back in time which by the way I know now you never really had as I just recently stopped believing in the fairy tale that was you and me.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 

A #Poets Journey 

Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020 


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