I want to be

I want to be

Hey Baby, I just wanted to leave a note just so
you would know, what you mean to me,
and though I know that we just barely met
and love is always a gamble but with you, I will
place that bet even though it may be way
too early for some, I have already fallen in
love with you, so now I want to be that
memory when you are all alone, you know,
the one that makes you smile when you
hear your favorite song, that one you roll
the window down to, when the sun comes
out to warm your heart and soul on a cold winters day,
I want to be the memory that you think about
when you and all your friends are out, wondering
why you have those sparkles in your eyes and
that grin on your face, I want to be the one
you feel when you are all alone in bed at night who
makes you feel all right with just the scent of
me still lingering in the air from that special
night that you and I held on tight until the sun
came up when the daylight found us making love,
then I wanna to be sitting there next to you
holding hands at a beach with a fire on a blanket
as the night time comes, looking up at all the stars
up in the skies looking a lot like fireflies sparkling
in your beautiful eyes when we turn old and gray,
thinking back about when we were young and the
day we met so very happy that I won that bet just
as we are caught by the rising sun holding on to one
another tight while we are making love all over again.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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