Faded memories

Faded memories

Trying to live on the memories
of our long and jaded past
holding on to the good times
just hoping they would last
wishing we could capture the
love that I used to know
wondering if I should stay
with you or finally let you go.
The sorrow that I feel from
the pain of a broken heart
with so much that I need to
say to you but I just don't know
where to start, my mind tells
me that it is time for me to
go, my heart is all confused,
and my soul keeps saying no.
I miss most the closeness that
we used to feel, as days are
long and the nights I am
always missing you.
Sleeping in our king size
bed, I feel like I am all alone,
and although we are both
right here, there is nobody
ever home.
If you listen to the silence
where the laughter used to
be, you can hear the tear
drops falling from my eyes
down to my feet, the love
I felt for you through all your
hurtful lies is fading faster
everyday as I start to realize,
you and I are only shadows
of a love that used to be,
a figment of my imagination
just a dream while I sleep,
for we were over
long ago as the sands of time
run down, just a faded and
torn photograph on the wall
of our broken home.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020 


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