Please read very important to me

Please read very important to me!

When I write it comes from inside of me as it comes so naturally like it lives and breathes just an extension of me but with this beautiful gift comes a on again off again curse that is called empathy meaning I can feel emotions from those around me and believe that is not easy to always control and sometimes I cannot tell when I write if it is coming from me or them. So what I am trying to say is not every poem that you read is about or for me Poetry is a tool to use in healing from the inside out. Writing is a wonderful therapy getting your demons out into the light or putting a description on your Depression or other mental illness and when read those pieces it does same by letting that person who may not know how to express themselves understand that they are not alone in their fight whatever it may be. So please understand when you read piece of poetry that you do not like or feel inappropriate or even that it is something I am going through it is for somebody somewhere who is needing to read it. Please feel free to let me know when you like a piece or do not because either I value your input all your comments very dearly. I want to take this chance to say I love you all as fans friends and family to which every single one of you are.

Richard M Knittle Jr.
Author and Poet


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