Part of me

Part of me

There is still a part of me that has
been missing ever since the day
your lips touched mine when my
heart begins to beat so hard and even
faster it felt as if it shattered time,
spreading all the love it had for you
across all of the eternity through
space from everywhere it can find
before the beginning of man and
womankind until even past the day
after tomorrow and forever falls
away. it feels like I have been always
searching my entire life for a part of
me that has been missing since you
came into my life as my love for
you will follow through a million
millennia lasting eons as it can and
will never die. For just a little piece
of my heart and even more of my
soul now resides in all of those
memories and the moments from
in the past left behind us and now in
here today and In the future that only
lovers will ever find, from the dawn
on the morning of the very first kiss
until the final dance comes to an end
and has been finished by the very
last two souls left in existence while
they hold on to each other as they
also, have hand and hand from their
first kiss when a piece of me went
missing the night it was just you and

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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