Sometimes questions asked

Sometimes questions asked

Sometimes questions that are asked cause more problems than the
answers you may find especially when it comes to the heart as
in how do you tell someone how much you have always loved them
more than they already know for they have known each other for
so long in family functions and one on one and considers you as a
close dear friend and even more as she is the aunt to your son by
a sister once removed and maybe even a time or two after a
few more drinks more then you should and got as close up and
personal with each other as any married couple would except
that that woman sleeping past out next to him is who.
the bells rang for thought it was fun playing a truth or dare game
just before she passed smooth out and we have a tie with two
coming across the finish line twice at the same time that
night and here we are today with what I have asked before now
that one is free and clear from a disaster from day one that
much is clear besides their two souls have danced every
night all these years since they came together needing so
bad the touch of each other in sweat and tears so is it
wrong to want to be with your best friend when love has always
said that it was okay even way back then when the first
mistake that had ever been made and that was getting married
to the wrong one, that day.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.


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