We have seen better times and places

We have seen better times and places

We have both seen sone better
times and places in our moment in
forever that God has given us,
since the night that you and I fell
together deeply in love, I for one am
so very grateful for the chance to
have become us, as before I was
alone like so many are in this
lonely world, you gave me happiness
and joy and so much more while
we were together with each other
but now our time is over just as
the sands of the hourglass have
foretold to us and all that love that
we once held for one another is
now fading even further from the
light turning to grey, true love
is very special with just a very few
that will make it through for it is
hard to find and even harder to
hold. Even though It is time to say
our goodbyes to what we had
because there is no sense in trying
to live in the past but you will never
be far from the thoughts within my
mind, for me, will always and forever
care for you and everything that we
went through it has given us a bond
that will last until the end of days.
Thank you for all the many years of
laughter, good times and even tears
in our disasters but most of all for
the love of a very special little boy,
or in his eyes, I can see your soul
the way it used to be when it
danced with mine holding on tightly
while all of the stars and moon up
in the midnight skies used to shine
when our love flowed, you are him
and he is you through eternity no
matter where you go or what you
do and that is why me and him and
he and I will always have living
inside of us all the memories of the
past back when we thought love
would always last and a piece of
you, that was left behind

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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