What is on my mind

What is on my mind

You want to know what is on my
tired cluttered mind right at this very
moment in time while I am only
sitting here on this cold dirty floor
looking up at the fake flamed
fireplace feeling the warmth
watching the shadows dance
upon the ceilings like birds flying
across the midnight skies silently
flapping their wings in motion
forgetting all of the reasons why
they need to fly so high during the
darkness of the nighttime skies
since when the last of all the happy
laughter and joy had faded away
into nothing without a funeral,
a six-foot hole or even a memorial as the
tears begin to fall faster than the
water from all the falls falling
stronger than the rivers flowing
down to the oceans deep that can
be mightier than the mountains
steep then falling Into the abyss of
a black sheer cold of nothingness
where the sounds of screams go
nowhere so if you listen real hard
you will hear the end of all we fear
as the stars lose all their wishes
and the light dims down as the
moon can no longer be found and
the sun forgot to rise up in the early
morning skies for the morning light.
Then I wonder why am I hear in so
much sadness and many fears to
live a life with no love near to feel so
alone the pain is real, why must we
all live a life so very hard just die
in the end anyways are we a game, God
likes playing with all his disciples
right behind him rolling the dice to
decide our fates or are we here to
serve some purpose in a big tent
three-ring circus or is it what it is
And will be what it will and that
is what is on my mind.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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