Letter to Ryder

Letter to Ryder,

Laying on the floor looking up at
the fan while listening to songs by
Theory of a Deadman.
Watching you play as you jump on
my chest, dancing and singing out
at your very best.
Closing my eyes I start thinking of
the past just hoping our time here
together will really last.
Feeling your breath on me with your face
up against mine, I hold on to you so
tight as if we were lost in time.
I open my eyes and look into yours,
I know that you love me without any
words. Your smile that you give to me when
I am looking back down at you,
puts a grin on my face no matter how
I feel when you are around. Ryder no
matter what happens to us meaning
just me and you if they try taking you
away from me again just know I am
searching for you every place that I
can so remember that your life will
be very special I promise you and you
are down here on this earth to do so
much more than good so please
remember always and forever that your
Rich (Daddy) did the very best that I
could and Ryder
Dean Knittle, I do love you with all
of my heart and I always have
right from the start.

Love Daddy

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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