Justify to attest

Justify to attest

God, angels, and heaven does in
my opinion at least with a certain
degree in all actuality along with
a high amount of a total percentage
in all probability in a complete perception
in all-out reality does exist for all those
who do believe n Him as do l. furthermore
for the. people who do not want to
or better yet refuse to want to believe in the
power of He who lives high above.
Well, I am not here to judge you or
stand here and convince you while
trying to change your mind or even try
to scare you by saying things like
to the smell of burnt flesh and
brimstone in the fiery pits of hell with
the devil screaming in your ear
and will make you mine or that it just
might be a sin of your morality no, you
see I feel that it will all be sorted out
at the end of your lives that day you stand
up at the golden gates of heaven in front
of Saint Peter to try and justify to attest
our faith on judgment day.

Richard M Knittle Jr


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